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Content Marketing Examples: The Best Of The COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic brought life to a halt across the world, and put the UK and many other countries on lockdown for the unforeseeable future. When the COVID-19 outbreak started at the beginning of the year, brands, governments and communities everywhere were thinking of creative ways to encourage the public to wash their hands, stay at home and offer a helping hand to the most vulnerable.

For brands, it forced a complete rethink of their marketing campaigns. Previous ideas and adverts were shelved, as many of the creative marketing teams were forced to work from home and socially distance. But, it did not stop brands from adapting to the unexpected changes. 

As the world slowly begins to come out of lockdown, the past few months have seen an abundance of creative, lighthearted and funny adverts being produced. Navigating the advertising landscape without coming across as insensitive has been one of the biggest challenges for brands. 

However, some have risen to the challenge! We’ve picked four content marketing examples of creative and humorous COVID-19 marketing campaigns that left a lasting impact below:


For many, the closure of big name fast food joints, like KFC, was the hardest part of lockdown. Not being able to indulge in a finger-lickin’ good chicken was a devastating blow, especially as takeaway options were also ruled out.

Even though all their UK branches were closed, KFC kept busy by encouraging cooking connoisseurs to make their own with its #RateMyKFC campaign. Hundreds of loyal KFC fans took to social media to post their own versions of the fast food chain’s signature dishes.

As lockdown restrictions began to ease, KFC marked it’s reopening with a tongue-in-cheek advert, paying tribute to their fan’s attempts from the previous #RateMyKFC campaign. The 30 second film features shots of homemade chicken, with Celine Dion’s song ‘All By Myself’ playing in the background. It finishes with a simple tagline: ‘we’ll take it from here.’

KFC is Back, Marketing Video.

Including their customer’s homemade attempts in their new ad is the perfect tribute from KFC. Some of the dishes looked incredible, and some…less so. Now that KFC are back on delivery, it’s probably best that they take it from here!

A worth first entry in our content marketing examples wouldn’t you agree?

Emily Crisps

When new crisp brand, Emily, bought some advertising space in December last year, they did so thinking Spring would be the perfect time to run their first outdoor advertising campaign. When COVID-19 struck, Emily was faced with the realisation that not many people would see this campaign. 

They had to think of an alternative strategy to ensure it had an impact in other ways. Emily’s marketing team moved quickly to produce four new outdoor billboard adverts, drawing attention to their advertising misfortune. Some of the taglines include:

  • “Hmmm…maybe we should have made a TV ad instead.” 
  • “Our first ever poster, seen by a runner and one pigeon. Typical.”
  • “Do an ad when it’s warmer, they said. More people will see it, they said. Pfft.”
  • “Behold our new poster. Now we’ve just got to find someone to look at it.”
Emily Snacks

The campaign ran on digital billboards across the UK, with Emily sharing photos of them on their social media platforms, using the #StayHome hashtag. Adam Draper, Nurture Brands Managing Director summed up the campaign perfectly:

“It’s relevant and it’s of the moment and it’s having a bit of fun. People want a bit of humour right now and that’s what will allow this campaign to resonate.”

Adam Draper, Nurture Brands


The coronavirus pandemic even forced Danish beer giant, Carlsberg, to think outside the box with its marketing campaigns and is a regular on content marketing examples lists. Stepping away from their usual Hollywood ambassadors, like Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen, Carlsberg went for a no frills approach in their COVID-19 campaign.

They set up the #AdoptAKeg scheme, which is a pub-saving initiative. Carlsberg asked Danish beer drinkers to support their local pubs and bars by scanning Carlsberg cans at home to ‘fill’ their very own keg. All of this was put across in a video advert, featuring a lonely keg in a desolate Danish bar.

Carlsberg Adopt a Keg Campaign

It may seem strange to feel sorry for a keg, but the sight of 50 litres of unloved alcohol sitting alone was enough to rally Danish beer lovers to the cause. The initiative saw 2,158 virtual kegs created within 48 hours of launch. As Denmark starts to slowly reopen it’s pubs and bars, citizens who have contributed to the #AdoptAKeg initiative can redeem two free pints at their pub of choice, paid for by Carlsberg.

The beer brand’s sincere and charitable approach to marketing ‘raised the bar’ for other brands during lockdown.

New Zealand Police

Possibly one of the best marketing campaigns to come out of the COVID-19 outbreak, wasn’t from an actual brand, but rather a police force. New Zealand Police wanted to make sure that every person in the country understood key messages about COVID-19 such as social distancing and self isolation. As a result, they partnered with a New Zealand production company to produce a number of humorous and light-hearted videos.

The police recruited cast members from a popular New Zealand comedy TV show to star in the web ads, that addressed all the different lockdown measures being implemented in the country. One of the most popular videos in the advert series is titled ‘Two Metres Please.’ This ad features tips for keeping the 2-metre distance rule, including demonstrations showing how to do so with a cardboard cut-out of an All Blacks player. 

Two Metres Please, New Zealand Police

The officer then begins to perform a song titled, yes you guessed it, ‘Two Metres Please.’

“Two metres please, two metres please, I don’t want to breathe your COVID, if you start to wheeze,” she sings.

The humorous campaign has been viewed by thousands, and it must have worked, as New Zealand has recently been declared ‘coronavirus-free.’

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