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A Day In The Life Of A Copy Generators Copywriter

Copy Generators copywriter

Being a copywriter can be a tough job, why? 

You’re always switched on and needing to think creatively to deliver the best results for your project and client. Here we take a look at a day in the life of a Copy Generators copywriter and how it might differ slightly from the normal life of a freelance copywriter. Whilst every copywriter’s day is different, this is a typical day of a copywriter working with us.

Preparing for the day ahead

06:30: Wake up & breakfast

We all need our sleep, waking up at 6:30am is the perfect balance of an early start and making sure you’re getting your 8 hours of sleep a night. Breakfast is a relaxed affair with a scroll through social media and the news to catch up with everything going on in the world.

07:00: Getting out and about

Getting out for a walk in the morning helps clear the head. Taking the dog for a walk or heading to a local park helps get the creativity flowing and create space in the brain for a productive day.

08:00: Prepare for the day

We spend time reading through new briefs and checking deadlines on any new content requests we’ve received. We also get notified by the Copy Generators system when we’ve been assigned tasks and when we’ve onboarded new clients.

All of this helps us focus on the important tasks of writing. Instead of worrying where our next gig is coming from, we’ve had that leg work done for us and we’re ready to jump into writing the best work for our clients.

8:30: Team catchup

This is one of the most important parts of the day. We talk through what we’ve got planned, share ideas and have a general chit chat and catch up (nosey) about what’s going on in each other’s lives. This daily catch up brings us together as a team and gives us a positive start to the day.

Let the copywriting commence

9:00: Research & initial drafts

At Copy Generators we work on one project at a time so we know what we’re working on and what’s coming up.

If we’re working with a new client, we spend time researching the company and the market so we know everything we need to know to write the best content for the client. When we’ve got all this information, we will look at the content piece and complete further research to make sure our content is accurate and well written everytime.

When we’ve planned the piece, we get started on writing. Our approach to writing is simple. Research, plan content, write, edit, edit, edit. Whilst we work to word counts, we usually write a lot more than the specified count and edit a lot of the work out. If you can say something with the same impact with 1000 words instead of 1500 then that’s what we’ll do – communication to us is all about clarity and impact of message.

11:00: Break 1: Make a cuppa

We’re big believers in taking 15 minute breaks at regular intervals throughout the day to keep creativity and motivation high.

11:15: More writing

This is usually the most creative part of the day for a lot of content creators. The time when we’re in a flow and 100% focused on writing. 

Getting away from the desk

13:00: Lunchtime

We try to limit screen time during lunchtime, we spend a lot of time throughout the day at our screens. Now is a good chance to get outside or go to another room to get some space away from work. 

13:30: Back to it

Another writing session and another chance to get creative. Following on from the preparation carried out this morning we’re able to carry the flow through from before lunch to get projects turned around quickly.

15:00: Break 2

Time for another break.

15:15: Writing

You guessed it. More writing. Copywriting really is a full time job.

16:30: Relax

We made it to the end of the day. We’ve written some amazing content and we’ve sent initial drafts and content to our clients via the online portal. Before we sign off and finish for the day, we take a quick look at what’s coming up tomorrow before closing our laptops and relaxing for the evening.

Flexibility & enjoyable work

Whilst this is a typical day of a copywriter at Copy Generators, we don’t have set working patterns and all of our copywriters work on flexible schedules. The only thing we ask is for great communication and writing skills. 

Interested in becoming a copywriter with Copy Generators? Drop us a message.

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