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How Your Brand Can Grow & Build Digital Communities

build digital communities

Are you looking to build an online community around your brand? Great, you’re in the right place! In this blog, we will explain the many different tactics and strategies that you can deploy to establish digital communities to build a family of loyal followers and grow your brand exposure.

Firstly, though, we must explore the main reasons why every budding start-up should make it a top priority to foster engaged digital communities and refrain from trying to appeal to the masses.

So, why is it so important to focus your attention on winning 1000 loyal fans instead of 10,000 disengaged followers?

The Importance of Building An Online Community

Whether your brand sells soap or fixes cars, you should always be looking to bring value to your target audience online, whether it’s through helpful content or prompt customer service.

Building a digital community around your brand makes this considerably easier, as you’re communicating with people who want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Beyond this, you’re building relationships with people who have an active interest in buying your products and services, which is essentially the lifeblood of all young start-ups.

So, as well as adding value to your customers, creating a loyal following, which is often referred to by many marketing experts as a ‘tribe’, also helps you to increase your sales retention.

With that in mind, assembling a tribe of fans who are armed with the ability to share, like and comment on your online content and, more importantly, buy your products is a great Return on Investment (ROI) play.

Additionally, your online community can also function like a focus group, a place where you can test ideas and products without the fear of losing valuable custom. After all, rigorous market research is often the make or break factor for many businesses, especially start-ups who are treading on new ground.

When you look at brands that have built strong digital communities, like Nike for example, it’s clear to see that they understand their audience as if they are long-time friends. Establishing such trust from your fan base is quite simply priceless when it comes to launching new products and content streams.

Right, so we’ve explained the importance of building online families, but how does a start-up achieve this in 2020? Allow us to explain.

Produce Great, Relatable Content

When it comes to satisfying an audience online, whether it be on social media or your website, you can’t go far wrong with putting out good content that is relevant and appealing to your audience.

The maths is simple. If your followers like the content that you are producing, they’re going to continue to visit your feed and website for more. Plus, as their appeal to your brand grows, they are more likely to buy something from you.

On the other hand, if your content disappoints your audience, they’re not going to stick around for long and will find the next best option. Due to this, the likeliness of them investing money into your brand is much lower.

Therefore, to make sure this isn’t the case with your brand, delegate a large chunk of your time into researching what sort of content excites and entertains your audience. Once you’ve done this, spend even more time and resources on producing content of the highest quality.

One brand that has recently strengthened its digital community feel via great content is Defected Records. Accepting that they can’t host live events in the current climate, the house music label has kept their audience engaged through virtual festivals and exclusive interviews.

Be Authentic With Your Digital Communities

In the pursuit of creating good content, it can be easy for brands to lose their authenticity. Rather than jumping on the latest trend, you should only produce content that is unique and relevant to your brand.

Be consistent, share your story and remember that marketing isn’t an imitation game, so what works for one brand might not necessarily work for yours.

For example, influencer marketing is all the rage at the moment and it seems as though every brand is using ‘ambassadors’ to promote their products online. Whilst the use of influencers can be very effective, many brands are working with individuals who don’t at all align with their values or purpose.

Unfortunately for those brands, consumers see straight through this and quickly lose trust. Don’t be one of those brands.

Instead, take a note out of Gymshark’s book. For many years now, the gym-clothing brand has maintained its authenticity by using influencers, also known as Gymshark athletes, to inspire their family of supporters.

Communicate With Your Digital Audience

One of the most effective tactics a brand can use to grow a digital family is regularly communicating with its audience. When we say this, we don’t just mean sending an automated, robotic message that merely solves a consumer’s problem.

We mean that you should be making meaningful interactions with customers, answering their every beck and call.

Many brands fall into the trap of thinking that communication should only be used to answer customer service enquiries. Whilst this is a major factor in satisfying your community, you should be going much further than this if you want your audience to become an extension of your brand.

Brewdog are quite simply masters of this skill. If they’re planning on launching a new product, they ask their audience questions about what it should look and taste like. If they’re planning on hosting an event, you guessed it, they leave it up to their audience to discuss where and when it be should be held.

Use Facebook To Its Full Potential

In recent years, the ability to grow organic communities on social media platforms has dramatically dwindled, particularly on Instagram and Facebook, where brands must now pay to play.

However, rather than getting despondent about this, brands should take a proactive approach and use the latter platform to its full potential.

Besides acting as an extension of your website, Facebook is also a great platform for building a community around your brand. Using its Facebook Groups feature, you can directly invite members of your audience to engage in conversations about your brand and topics that relate to your products. Just simply post about a relevant topic and leave your customers to it!

The Marketing Meetup, a networking community for marketers, is excellent at this. In the run-up to events, they will post something relevant to one of the evening’s talks and then they’ll allow their audience to share their thoughts and opinions amongst themselves. 

Enhance Your Communication 

It’s fair to say that you can’t achieve any of the things mentioned above without good copy. That’s where we come in. 

At Copy Generators, we can supply your brand with a talented copywriter, who can use their experience to help you build online communities through flawless copy.  
For more information, please contact our friendly team on 0161 871 7428.

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